NBA Power Rankings Part 2

Now, here we are in part two of yesterday’s post you already know what it is, those NBA Power Rankings lets get into it. 16) San Antonio Spurs Starting 5: Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, Lamarcus Aldridge Key Bench Players: Demare Carrol, Patty Mils, Marco Bellinelli, Lonnie Walker IV 17) Sacramento Kings Starting 5: De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Harrison Barnes, Marvin Bagley … Continue reading NBA Power Rankings Part 2

Blockbuster Trade Alert: Harden and Westbrook reunite in Houston

Just earlier today I posted a new blog titled “the Russell Westbrook problem.” Well the problem has been solved and IN YOUR FACE Juice Wrld, the curse has been reversed over to CP3. Now the duos are amazing, with Klay’s injury Golden State still has Curry and D’Angelo, the Clippers have Kawhi and PG, the Lakers have LeBron and AD, and now the Rockets have … Continue reading Blockbuster Trade Alert: Harden and Westbrook reunite in Houston

Houston we have a problem

I read “NBA rumors:Chris Paul wants out of Houston Stephen A. hears” by Ali Thanawalla. The article states that Chris Paul wants out of Houston.It also says the Lakers are aiming for Kemba Walker over the struggling Chris Paul or Kyrie (selfish) Irving. I totally agree, they would be smart to pick Kemba because you can’t have the “ow, my hamstring brothers” (LeBron and Chris … Continue reading Houston we have a problem

The G.O.A.T Lineup

Lately there has been an argument over the top five players of all time, but my argument is the best at each position!  So, let me explain mine.  The best point guard of all time is Erving “Magic” Johnson I say this because of the way he could both handle and pass the ball. People go crazy over LeBron’s no looks, but Magic use to … Continue reading The G.O.A.T Lineup

Coach of the Year and Out of Here

  This past Friday 2017-18 coach of the year Dwane Casey was fired by the recently eliminated Toronto Raptors. So, prepare to hear my opinion!    First of all, why did you fire him? Was he actually expected to beat LeBron James with OG Anunoby defending him? The rookie didn’t stand a chance! I would understand firing him if he had lost to the Pacers … Continue reading Coach of the Year and Out of Here