Coach of the Year and Out of Here

  This past Friday 2017-18 coach of the year Dwane Casey was fired by the recently eliminated Toronto Raptors. So, prepare to hear my opinion!    First of all, why did you fire him? Was he actually expected to beat LeBron James with OG Anunoby defending him? The rookie didn’t stand a chance! I would understand firing him if he had lost to the Pacers … Continue reading Coach of the Year and Out of Here

Conner McGregor – Downfall and Future

Right now, I’m going to talk UFC! A few days ago, there was an incident where MMA superstar Conor McGregor threw an average sized hand dolly into the window of a bus that was holding multiple UFC superstars two of which were injured in the event (Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg). UFC manager Dana White and I both have the same feelings about this as … Continue reading Conner McGregor – Downfall and Future

Early Post Season Predictions

Here are my wild predictions for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals! Starting off in the East I have the Cleveland Cavaliers facing off against the Philadelphia 76ers in a thrilling seven game series. In these games defense will be the focus and that’s what the Sixers do, let alone the fact that two Philadelphia defensive stars in PF Dario Saric and C Joel Embiid … Continue reading Early Post Season Predictions