2020 NBA All-Star Starters

It’s the Holidays, you must love it and so do I, because I can get back to writing. In less than two months, on February 16 is the NBA All Star Game. This means it is time to vote for the players. For today I am going to be predicting the All-Star starters.

First is the Eastern Conference guards. I think that Trae Young is the starting point guard in the East. One of the favorites going into the season, Kemba Walker hasn’t been as dominant as some expected, and it shows in his point average going from 26 to 23. The other favorite, Kyrie Irving has been hurt most of the time so there is a pretty small sample size. This leaves Trae Young who is averaging 29 points and 8 assists. Both of those stats are fourth in the league. The advantage Young has over other guards is his style of play. In this era of basketball everyone is making flashy passes, crazy dribble moves, and shooting lots of threes. That is a perfect description of Trae Young, the fans would love to see him in the all-star game. The Eastern Conference shooting guard is without a doubt Bradley Beal. He’s fifth in the league with 28.5 points per game and surprisingly twelfth in assists with exactly seven. Beal has shown how dominant and consistent he can be. After all he kind of has to be because his second option is Thomas Bryant, who can’t put up consistent numbers. Just like Young, Beal has proven to be an electrifying shooter. What a backcourt that would be (hint hint Beal go to Atlanta, get outta Washington).

Next up are the Eastern Conference forwards. The choice that I’m sure 95% of the people that have voted have made is Giannis Antetokounmpo. The guy is a freak of nature, an all around great, and on offense he is unstoppable. So basically, he is the perfect 2k My Career build. He’s second in the league in scoring with 31.4 points per game, and seventh in rebounds with 12.7. He is also averaging nearly two blocks One thing I will say about Giannis is he could really use a more consistent jump shot. The next forward is Pascal Siakam. He is probably the best up and coming star in the league. Kawhi left and he took over. He will lock you up all around the court and then he’ll score just like he’s done this season. Averaging 25.1 ppg Pascal is the 14th leading scorer in the league.

Finally, in the Eastern Conference is the center. That would be Joel Embiid, the guy is one of the best centers in the league. He is one of those big men perfect for his era, he works inside and outside the paint. He is 18th in the league with 23.1 ppg, and sixth in rebounds with 12.8. This guy is exactly what people in this era of basketball want to see.

Now for the Western Conference guards. First is James Harden. There is not much to say for him the guy is averaging 38 ppg which is obviously first and he is also eighth in assist with 7.5. Some say he’s too selfish, that’s not true he just plays at a slow pace and will get his buckets before sharing the ball. 7.5 assists is not selfish. So …. yeah that’s James Harden. The other guard is Luka Doncic. He is a second-year player who has a pretty good chance of winning MVP. Not to add bias, Luka is also one of my favorite players in the league. I say this because he is young and is able to feast on people much older than him and if you ask me his step back is just as dangerous as Harden’s. However if he wants to be great in the future he has to stop with the Krispy Kreme. He’s currently third in the NBA with 29.3 points per game and also third in assist with 8.9. Those are both no brainers for me.

Now are those two Western Conference forwards who just so happen to be on the same team. The first is LeBron James who has a lot going for him. He’s one of the most beloved players in the game today, is the twelfth leading scorer with 25.1 ppg, is the league’s assist leader with 10.8, and his team is the best team in the NBA. This has a lot to do with the next Western Conference forward, Anthony Davis. He’s debatably the best big man in the league! I think its Embiid, but I don’t speak for everyone. He averages 27.3 which is sixth in the league. He’s also third in the league in blocks with 2.52. The reason I’d take Embiid over AD is because of the excitement Embiid provides. He’s always chatting and celebrating, and I like to see that passion in a guy.

Finally is the Western Conference Center, it came down to three guys. They were Hassan Whiteside, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Nikola Jokic. With Hassan, he isn’t doing enough offensively but is snagging boards. He averages 13.3 which is fifth in the league. Jokic is doing good in rebounds and assists where he is thirteenth and twelfth, but in scoring he’s just not good enough, averaging just 18 points. That leaves who I think will be the starter, Karl-Anthony Towns. He is averaging 26.5 points and 11.7 rebounds placing eighth in both categories. The thing KAT has been doing that the other two guys haven’t done is stretch the floor. Towns has constantly shown that he can play outside the post and score in bunches. That’s what separates Towns from Jokic and Whiteside.

Now that you’ve heard my opinion you can go vote yourself with this link https://vote.nba.com/en. Don’t forget to comment the link to your votes after you’ve put them in.

Just so no one is surprised when it happens, I would like to announce that I will not be posting anymore until probably spring break. After all school is the number one focus. I might surprise you with a new post sooner, but until then peace.

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