The Russell Westbrook Problem

This man has a curse put on him, and as rapper Juice Wrld would say “and he cannot reverse it.” Somehow someway this 20-20-20 man cannot find a player who wants to play with him. While he did get the 20 assists he still averaged a triple-double two or three straight seasons.

It all started in his early days with KD – those two just couldn’t find a way to play together. Westbrook is a guy who needs to have the ball in his hands to facilitate or score. KD needs the ball to get one on one buckets much like his former teammate James Harden, only way more passive. This problem was solved when Durant became a Golden State Warrior.

When Paul George was traded to OKC they looked good together and it seemed liked they had some chemistry going between the two. Then PG13 was out the door because it had been revealed that Kawhi was doing some recruiting. He told the Clippers if they managed to bring in Paul George then he would come to the Clips. I honestly think Westbrook knew it would happen because Russ came out to congratulate his boy and wish him luck.

Now the primary question of this post … what’s next for Russell Westbrook? Here’s the answer… I know he seems like a guy against super teams, but to succeed he needs to join a good trio that can attract guys. I still remember driving back from the gym and saying to my dad as we thought of potential destinations for Russ, “how about Minnesota with Wiggins and Towns” he responded with that look telling me that team would be filthy. Now, all of a sudden today people are wondering if Minnesota is the place for him.

Even more recent reports say Phoenix is an option and Cleveland and Detroit are willing to acquire him. It has also been reported that the Heat would work for both Russ and the Thunder, so I was thinking that’s the final destination. Now the Thunder want Tyler Herro and Bam Adeybayo. The problem is Herro has thirty days until he can be traded and the heat aren’t willing to give up him or Bam so that might not work. So something could happen sooner or later according to Westbrook’s agent.

Can’t wait to see ( as for juice wrld … what if he does reverse it). Hope you love the post and be ready for another one “sooner or later”. Comment if you understood that joke.

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