NBA Free Agency Preview

The NBA Free Agency period is less than a week away. So I’ll tell you some top free agents and where I think they’ll sign.

  1. Kevin Durant: Even after the injury I still think KD is bound for the Knicks along with Kyrie Irving. It has also been reported that KD is scheduled to meet with the Knicks as soon as the free agency period begins.
  2. Kawhi Leonard: I think Kawhi stays in Toronto because after winning a title I’d think he wants to stay where he won it. The problem with Kawhi is he’s emotionless so anything can happen.
  3. Kyrie Irving: Like I said earlier he’ll be in New York with KD. The reason is he ready opted out of his contract and it doesn’t seem like Celtic’s fans or players want him back.
  4. Kemba Walker: It seems to me as if Kemba loves the city of Charlotte and they love him too. It shows in the loyalty he’s given to the organization, but they’ve failed to repay him with the talent for a playoff run. That’s why I Think Kemba can be the newest addition to the reported team in the lead for the Kemba sweepstakes, the Celtics.
  5. Klay Thompson: I feel like if he didn’t get hurt and the Warriors win the title he leaves, but because he got hurt and his team failed to get the job done without him he’ll want to resign for two years to get back on the title hunt.
  6. Jimmy Butler: Although as a Sixers fan I would hate if it does happen, it looks like there is a good chance Jimmy goes to Houston.
  7. Demarcus Cousins: The New Orleans twin towers were never in full effect, but he could go to the Lakers and have AD run some four (The boogie and the brow:THE SEQUAL).
  8. Tobias Harris: To me his three options are stay in Philly where he can be a third or fourth option, Boston where he can be a second or third option, or the Lakers as a third option.
  9. Kristaps Porzingis: I think he should stay in Dallas, but what would be nice is if he came to the Pelicans to have a starting lineup of Lonzo, Jrue Holiday, Brandon Ingram, Zion, and Kristaps. Even better they would have Jaxon Hayes and Julius Randle off the bench.
  10. D’angelo Russel: Reports say the Lakers are after him, but they traded him so I wouldn’t go back, and he could be the missing piece in Philly.
  11. Nikola Vucevic: Reports from June 21st say Boston is aiming for him and their center position is weak.
  12. Khris Middleton: He was a great fit in Milwaukee, but he’s not getting payed enough, so he can go to his old team in Detroit and have a lineup of Reggie Jackson, Middleton, Doumbouya, Griffin, and Drummond.
  13. Al Horford: Al can be a veteran presence in Utah as well as a pretty good backup five.
  14. Julius Randle: The Knick’s could get KD and Kyrie, and because Julius Randle won’t be too expensive they could get him too as third scoring option.
  15. Malcom Brogdon: The Raptors already won a title, but there is always room for improvement, and that room is at the shooting guard. They could sign Brogdon and use him as a starter or as a backup to Danny Green.
  16. Brook Lopez: There isn’t a great fit for him open he should just stay in Milwaukee.
  17. Marc Gasol: Already opted in to his contract in Toronto.
  18. Terry Rozier: As of right now the Sixers back up point guard is TJ Mcconnell, Terry Rozier would be a major upgrade.
  19. JJ Reddick: reportedly has been offered contracts by multiple other teams then the Sixers. I still think his best bet is Philly though, even with a slight pay cut.
  20. Derick Rose: The Lakers could use a point guard an I don’t have a problem with D-Rose, he could be a good fit.
  • Those were my top 20 NBA free agents and where I think they’ll end up. If you think opposite of my opinions just tell you so I can tell you if you’re wrong or if you are correct.
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