Houston we have a problem

I read “NBA rumors:Chris Paul wants out of Houston Stephen A. hears” by Ali Thanawalla. The article states that Chris Paul wants out of Houston.It also says the Lakers are aiming for Kemba Walker over the struggling Chris Paul or Kyrie (selfish) Irving. I totally agree, they would be smart to pick Kemba because you can’t have the “ow, my hamstring brothers” (LeBron and Chris Paul) or they will end up like Golden State. They are good until everyone is hurt. Also Kemba is way more mature than Kyrie so that would be a smart decision. Luckily, Magic Johnson isn’t in the front office or they would have traded for Elfrid Payton instead of AD and they would be signing JJ Reddick as their blockbuster free agent signing. As for Stephen A, he’s right as he said the Lakers damn sure better be excited the west is wide open!

Leave a comment below on who can stop the Lakers. I’ll tell you whether I agree or I’ll tell you exactly why your wrong.

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