Blockbuster Trade Alert:Antony Davis to the LakeShow

As you probably know by now the Lakers have acquired Anthony Davis this past Saturday. They gave the Pelicans Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first round picks including the fourth overall pick for the 2019 NBA Draft on Thursday. I think even though the Pelicans gave up a Superstar (yeah argue if you dare Anthony Davis is a SUPERSTAR, make your case below) – I think they still won the trade judging by the fact that it looks like the Pelicans are rebuilding. The Pelicans accepted the trade because they didn’t need present-day talent, they wanted future value. If you ask me, one solid free agency pick up has the Pelicans set to sneak into the 8th seed. Now they have the 1st and 4th pick so that’s already guaranteed Zion Williamson and possibly RJ Barrett or Ja Morant too. That’s not even considering the fact that Jarret Culver could be on the board as well. You might be saying ‘well, there is absolutely no shot at Ja.’ I say if the Grizzlies are comfortable with Mike Conley at the PG then they most likely take RJ. It all comes down to the third pick after that. If the Knicks go Jarret Culver then Ja remains on the board. It is a lot of ifs, but … everything is impossible until it is done.

Unless the newly formed LakeShow signs a big name free agent I think it might take a season for them to gel. I think the Pelicans will quickly take off flying.

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