The G.O.A.T Lineup

Lately there has been an argument over the top five players of all time, but my argument is the best at each position!  So, let me explain mine.

 The best point guard of all time is Erving “Magic” Johnson I say this because of the way he could both handle and pass the ball. People go crazy over LeBron’s no looks, but Magic use to do them every game, sometimes he would pull out the handles too. Magic was so good because he could see the court like no other plus he was 6’9. He even beat one of the greatest in Larry Bird in the championship while steeping up to play center, and won four other rings! To add to that he would average 19.5 points and 11.5 assists throughout his career!

  Now, the best shooting guard of all-time is easily Michael Jordan Let’s be honest most shooting guards need to take a few dribbles before attacking, but MJ, one…. two……BYE! That man would be gone and on top of that he won three titles straight, left, came back and won another three. In all six he won finals MVP (P.S averaged 30.1 points a game throughout his career)!

   The best small forward is clearly the G.O.A.T LeBron James This man is thirty-three and in his fifteenth year but moves like he’s still seventeen in his rookie year. Another thing is he’s built like a body builder and will jump over you with ease. LeBron has also been to the finals seven straight times making this next one number eight, but he is currently three and seven.  All while averaging 27.2 points. Yeah, the G.O.A.T!

   This position was one of the hardest to write because I had to decide between Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Garnett! To make this decision I had to look at highlights! When I was watching Tim Duncan in the paint I had no other choice. His moves would get everybody. This is the guy when you see walk in the arena you know you’re walking out with a bruised chest! This man would average 19.0 and have no intentions of being mister nice guy. Duncan also won five rings!

   This man is in my opinion the best center to lace them up! His name is Wilt Chamberlin. He once scored 100 points in one game But, the crazy thing is he did that while snagging 25 rebounds! He even averaged 50 boards while playing against Bill Russel and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Oh, and here is a video I recommend if you judge Wilt’s shooting skills by his 51% free throw percentage and him going 6,057 for 11,892 from the line.!

 Here are my top five at each position!


  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Isaiah Thomas
  3. John Stockton
  4. Stephen Curry
  5. Oscar Robertson


  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Dwayne Wade
  4. Allen Iverson
  5. Jerry West


  1. LeBron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Larry Bird
  4. Julius Erving
  5. John Havelcheik


  1. Tim Duncan
  2. Dirk Nowitiziki
  3. Kevin Garrnett
  4. Karl Malone
  5. Charles Barkley


1.Wilt Chamberlin

  1. Bill Russel
  2. Kareem-Abdul-Jabar
  3. Shaquille O’Neal
  4. Moses Malone

Leave a comment below, what’s your G.O.A.T lineup? Don’t forget to leave a like (Road To 500 Views)!


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