Memorial Day in the World of Sports

Today is Memorial Day, the day that fallen soldiers are honored by all of America, including athletes. Now I’m going to tell you the different ways they celebrate.

Some think that Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer and BBQ cook outs. The real ways to celebrate are going to a local Memorial Day parade, the 3-volley salute, and donating to the families of fallen warriors.

The Memorial Day parade is when you carry U.S flags to a fallen soldier’s grave while dressed in red, white, and blue. Every year the MLB makes a strong attempt to attend these parades. They also annually wear camo on their uniforms on Memorial Day!

The three-volley salute is the act when seven active soldiers each take turns firing their rifles three times. This is a sign of honoring fallen warriors. In sports they do the same, but in WWE they call it the ten-bell salute. They say this because a person will ring a bell ten times in honor of fallen superstars and soldiers.

Finally, to donate to the families of fallen soldiers there websites to go to ( You can put in money and that money will go to the family. This is an activity that the NFL, NBA, and WWE do to give to those in need.

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2 thoughts on “Memorial Day in the World of Sports

  1. Hi Jordan! It’s been a while since I last checked in with a comment but I want you to know that I’ve been following your blog avidly and sharing your analyses with others. I guess you must be busy working on your ‘post-mortem’ of the recently concluded N.B.A. finals and your projections for the forthcoming LBJ free-agency sweepstakes. I’ll be keeping my eye on this space for further insights!


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