Coach of the Year and Out of Here


This past Friday 2017-18 coach of the year Dwane Casey was fired by the recently eliminated Toronto Raptors. So, prepare to hear my opinion!

   First of all, why did you fire him? Was he actually expected to beat LeBron James with OG Anunoby defending him? The rookie didn’t stand a chance! I would understand firing him if he had lost to the Pacers or Bucks, but not for losing to the G.O.A.T!

   Tell me Toronto, who was going to LBJ on that team? Another reason I would understand firing Dwane is if they had a KD, PG 13, Klay Thompson, or Antetokumpo caliber defender guarding LeBron and the king still dropping 40! But they had an unexperienced rookie guarding LeBron, so he destroyed them. But through my eyes you can’t blame Dwane Casey for that. Plus, a little saying that I heard from Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take. “Everything can’t come down on the coach!”.

   So, in conclusion I think Dwane Casey being fired was a bad idea by the Toronto Raptors organization. Who fires their coach of the year? Leave a comment and don’t forget to leave a like!



2 thoughts on “Coach of the Year and Out of Here

  1. I agree 100% with you analysis here Jordan. The coach can’t put the ball in the bucket and surely can’t make the team’s all-stars not be afraid of Lebron. Who in the world is going to replace him anyway?


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