NBA Playoff Bracketology

Today is the beginning of the 2018 NBA playoffs so I’m going to give you a breakdown of the matchups! Starting out in the Eastern Conference the beast of the east Toronto Raptors will face off against the Washington Wizards at 5:30 p.m. In this game I have the Raptors stealing the matchup in a seven game series where every game is down to the wire.

The next game is the Milwaukee Bucks versus the banged up Boston Celtics. Let’s be honest no matter what the seeding is the Celtics can’t overpower Giannis Antetokumpo he is just way to big, fast, long, and strong for Boston. Due to this and Boston’s injuries I pick the Milwaukee Bucks to win in seven.

The next matchup in the east is the red hot Philadelphia 76ers against the Miami Heat. In this series I predict Embiid returning for game three and the Sixers winning 4-2.

In the last Eastern Conference matchup, the Cleveland Cavaliers face off against the Indiana Pacers in a rematch from last year in which the Cavs eliminated the Pacers, but this time I think because the Pacers have been hot lately they will carry that momentum into this series and win.

I’m going to get into the Western Conference, the first match is the best of the west Houston Rockets versus the young and talented, Minnesota Timberwolves. In the game that Jimmy Butler got hurt the T-Wolves were playing the Rockets. In that game Houston won but before Butler got hurt the two teams were in a very close game but when he went out it was over. I see Jimmy having a slight affect, but the Rockets will win 4-2.

In this game the Warriors play the Spurs and I predict Kawhi Leonard to make a surprise return and the Spurs will win in seven.

This is one of the best matchups in the first round where the Trail Blazers play the Pelicans. Some people expect the Pelicans to win but those people don’t understand Anthony Davis can’t beat Damien Lillard and C.J McCollum alone, he needs Demarcus Cousins back.

In the final Western Conference first round game the Utah Jazz play the Oklahoma City Thunder. In all fairness I didn’t watch the Jazz until I heard that some rookie I’d never heard of named Donavan Mitchell pulled off a 360 dunk in the game. Ever since then I’ve always had confidence in the young team and I believe they can beat OKC tomorrow in seven.

What do you guys think?  Agree or disagree … comment below.  Don’t forget to tune in on ABC at 3:00 to kickoff with GSW versus SAS and leave a request on what you want to hear next!

4 thoughts on “NBA Playoff Bracketology

  1. Great article Jordan, however there is no way that the Pacers are going to beat King James aka the “2nd G.O.A.T” aka “where is the middle of my hair” and the Cavs in a 1st rd matchup.


  2. Well Jordan: I guess your Eastern Conference predictions are off to a promising start with the Raptors prevailing over the Wizards 114 to 106 last evening to end a streak of 10 losses in playoff series openers. Considering that Toronto’s only previous victory in the opening game of a playoff series was way back in 2001 in the second round against Philadelphia, last night’s victory must have given the team something of a psychological boost. Let’s see how much of that they can carry forward into Game 2 next Tuesday!


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