Conner McGregor – Downfall and Future

Right now, I’m going to talk UFC! A few days ago, there was an incident where MMA superstar Conor McGregor threw an average sized hand dolly into the window of a bus that was holding multiple UFC superstars two of which were injured in the event (Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg). UFC manager Dana White and I both have the same feelings about this as he stated on Get Up with Jalen Rose. On the talk show Dana said exactly what I said, “If you want to fight do it in the octagon.” My question for Conor is if your mad at Dana for taking your championship why would you take it out on other superstars instead of just meeting with Dana to talk about it!

From what Dana White said on Get Up I don’t think he’ll want to keep Conor McGregor on the UFC roster after publicly stating that Conor’s acts were the dirtiest ever. So, you might be thinking “What’s next for Conor McGregor?” I say WWE! I say this because last year there were rumors about Conor McGregor possibly fighting at Summer Slam and at the time McGregor also considered WWE as a backup career. But the two reasons he might not join WWE is he would technically be a cruiser weight and for someone with Conor McGregor’s personality I don’t think he would like the attention that cruiser weights get compared to what superstars on the main roster get and WWE might not need another part time superstar next to Brock Lesnar. So that is my take on Conor McGregor.

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