Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

Here are my predictions for the biggest wrestling stage of them all, WRESTLEMANIA!

In the men’s battle royal, I predict that Mr. Ultimate Deletion himself, Matt Hardy will win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal in an ending feud the perfect ten, Tye Dillinger. The match will end with a Tye Dillinger cross body that is reversed into a Matt Hardy twist of fate, followed up by an elimination.

Next up in the women’s battle royal I pick Sonya Deville to take the victory the interesting thing about this prediction is I see the Sonya VS. Bayley rivalry potentially ending. I am thinking that the final two will be Sonya and Bayley, in a matchup that results in a Bayley loss and her turning heel.

In this triple threat tag team involving the New Day, The Usos, and The Bludgeon Brothers I predict the New Day escaping with a W. In the end I think Jay Uso will go Air Uso on the Bludgeon Brothers which leaves Jimmy Uso alone with the New Day which doesn’t end well for Jimmy.

In this star-studded Cedric Alexander VS. Mustafa Ali Cruiserweight Championship matchup I pick Cedric to prevail. This match will be long, competitive, and fast paced. In the end Mustafa Ali will attempt his rolling clothesline witch Cedric will reverse in mid air to a back stabber.

Let’s face it by tomorrow night Alexa Bliss’s magic will have already ran out which means she won’t be defeating Nia Jax. It’s simple Nia is a beast, so Alexa can try all she wants but she can’t stop Nia Jax.

Oh, poor Cesaro and Sheamus fans they are no match for Braun Stroman and his surprise partner………………MUSCLE!!!! Braun Stroman is too independent to wrestle with someone, so he won’t have a partner. But this make sense, after all Braun Stroman>Cesaro and Sheamus. So, if you’re a Cesaro and Sheamus fan be ready for muscle.

In this fatal four away for the united states championship I choose Jinder Mahal to prevail over Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, and Rusev in a quick ending sequence. In this series of events it all starts with Rusev assaulting Jinder with a chair and then super kicking him out of the ring, meanwhile on the other side of the ring Bobby Roode is setting up Randy Orton for a glorious ddt but Randy quickly reverses it into a RKO, but then Rusev comes from behind and hits Randy in the back of the head with the commentator’s monitor, but next thing you know a half nelson slam from Jinder Mahal wins him the match!

Now this triple threat match is for the intercontinental championship or as The Miz the most prestigious championship in all of sports. Now in this triple threat match that contains The Miz, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor, you can expect fast paced and extreme action. I see this match ending in shocking fashion. I think that Finn Balor will set up a table to put The Miz on and then a ladder to jump from. But The Miz will get off the table to climb the ladder. On top of the ladder the to will battle but in the end The Miz will fall off and through the table. Meanwhile the injured Seth Rollins is grabbing a steel chair to use as a weapon. Then when Finn comes over Rollins attacks Balor’s ribs with the chair. After this Seth throws Balor into the ring and delivers a ripcord knee strike for the win.

In this general managers versus superstars tag team match Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon will face off against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. I think the GM team will win. In this match to end it Daniel Bryan will deliver a double running knee to Sami and Kevin which leads to a double 450 splash for the W.

In this match I predict The Empress of Tomorrow to dethrone the queen, Charlotte. In the end of this match I see Asuka keeping her streak alive at WrestleMania with a W in this match. I think Charlotte will attempt a moonsault that will be reversed into Asuka’s submission move for the victory, but then Carmella will cash in to end the streak!
In this unexpected Triple H and Stephanie McMahon versus Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle matchup. I expect Ronda Rousey to knock Stephanie McMahon into the referee which allows Ronda to get a table and Ronda powerbomb Triple H through the table so Kurt can pin him 1…..2…..3!

In this WrestleMania dream match AJ Styles faces off against Shinskue Nakumaura for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! I think in the end Nakumaura will convert on a vertical suplex which AJ reverses into a pele kick. Soon after AJ goes for the phenomenal forearm which is reversed by Shinsuke Nakumaura into a Kinshasa for the title!

Finally, in the WrestleMania 34 main event Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar faces off against The Big Dog, Roman Reigns! In this match the end is wild I predict Roman heading in for the superman punch but is caught by Lesnar’s F-5 which Roman gets down from and converts on a superman punch then Lesnar attempts a German suplex that lands but so does Reigns. After this Roman hits Lesnar with a spear for the Universal Title!

This is for all WWE fans … WrestleMania 35 is being held at MetLife Stadium in my house at East Rutherford, New Jersey!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

  1. Hey Jordan! Congratulations on the blog! Very impressive analysis and attention to detail. Since I may not be able to view the event live, I will be tuning in to Owens Sports Central for a report on the outcomes.
    By the way: are you also an MMA fan? If so, I’d love to see your take on the Conor McGregor story. (For reference, Mark Kriegel has an interesting piece over at ESPN: http://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/23051357/after-arrest-conor-mcgregor-faces-new-reality


  2. Wow, Jordan, I am impressed! Since I normally get my updates from you when I see you, this is much better. I only really know their names by the action figures you used to bring lol. Keep up the great work, I had to double check if this was you writing btw. Love ya, Lisa


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