Early Post Season Predictions

Here are my wild predictions for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals! Starting off in the East I have the Cleveland Cavaliers facing off against the Philadelphia 76ers in a thrilling seven game series. In these games defense will be the focus and that’s what the Sixers do, let alone the fact that two Philadelphia defensive stars in PF Dario Saric and C Joel Embiid will be coming back from knee and face injuries. Ultimately, I think the Cavs don’t have that special bond that the Sixers have, and the Sixers are headed to the NBA championship.

Now out in the West I predict an exciting and fast paced matchup in a seven game Portland Trail Blazers versus Houston Rockets series. The matchups will be exciting and will change the game. You have PG Damien Lillard versus SG James Harden, SG C.J McCollum versus PG Chris Paul, SF Trevor Ariza versus SF Evan Turner, PF Ryan Anderson versus PF Alfarauq Aminu, and one of the best matchups C Jusuf Nurkic versus C Clint Capela. I think James Harden and Chris Paul’s bad playoff performances in the past will come back to haunt them and the Portland Trail Blazers are headed to the NBA Finals to play the Philadelphia 76ers.

Here in the biggest series of the postseason I have the Philadelphia 76ers versus the Portland Trail Blazers. These two teams split the season series and are both currently 48-30 with four games left in the season. In their first game Sixers won by 20 charged by PF Ben Simmons’ 25 pts, but in the second game the Sixers allowed the Blazers to make a comeback and win by four. The Sixers don’t have playoff experience, but Villanova and Eagles fans will be behind them due to their championship wins so the 76ers will feel like the whole series is at home. THIS IS THE YEAR OF PHILADELPHIA!!!!!


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